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Welcome! To a Unofficial Celldweller Fansite !!


Hello this site is deddicated to a amazingly talented industrial rock group called Celldweller and is brought to you by a aspiering singer and a ex musician if you don't know about Celldweller look around you might learn something
all interviews and pictures copyright Celldweller Productions ,Epson Media ,and All other parties involved with Distrobution and Promotion of the band . Content on this site is and was Used for to Soul Porpose of getting the word out about the band ( so please don't flame my ass for it ) Klayton and Celldweller Productions reserve the right to inform me of the future of the site ( and hopefully my ass willnot be on the burner for this one )
Please Enjoy The site
Site copyright 2005-2006: By Chris Johnson Les Innocents/Spikedrop entertainment

Celldweller are :

Klayton Scott: Vocals/Guitar/Programming/Percussion/Keys
Dale: Guitar/Percussion/Keys/Backing Vocals
Kemikal: Bass/Percussion/Keys/Backing Vocals